Extra Interview!

Hey Everyone!

One of the awesome things about creating a documentary is how many people you get to talk to that are experts in their fields. In Go, you got to hear Ted Draper and Mark Silver’s professional opinions about global ministries and what strategizing should look like within the church body.

One of the downsides of creating a documentary is how much good material you have that you don’t get to use because otherwise the film would be 18 hours long! (I mean, maybe I would watch an 18 hour film, but I’ll face the realism and realize that not everyone else would do that.)

One of the interviews we did, unfortunately, did not make it into the film. But, the good news is, we created a mini video of the interview so you all can see another professional’s perspective of strategy when it comes to mission work. Jay Grimwood is the International Development Director at Graceway in Kansas City, Missouri. Enjoy listening to what he has to say!

Film Festivals

Hello Everybody!

We are super stoked about things happening around here! First off, Nathan Fleming and I had the pleasure of attending the Branson International Film Festival in the beautiful Branson, Missouri earlier this month. (Take a look at the gorgeous views down below!) It was great to connect with other artists and spread the word about the unreached. Chris Anderson and his lovely wife joined me for the red carpet and awards ceremony where we took 3rd place in the Documentary category. It was quite the experience and we are so grateful that the message is being spread. Enjoy the following pictures and video from the event!

Our table representing the Unreached
Beautiful Branson sunset
Fog in the Ozark Mountains
Red Carpet Event

On the topic of film festivals we are excited to announce that we’ve been accepted into a second festival: Doc Sunback Film Festival in Mulvane, Kansas, taking place in June of this year. We’re excited to see how God uses the message of Go and where He takes it!

Stay tuned for our Spotify link, which will be available soon, and for some new videos!

As always, don’t forget to pray for the unreached!

Everything Music

Who’s ready for a guest blogger?! Today we’re hearing from Nathan Fleming on the creation of the soundtrack for the documentary, and we have our first video blog on the crew’s favorite music!

Take it away, Nathan!

“The creation of the score for Go was unique, considering the limited time and budget we had to put it all together.  We knew we wanted to keep a consistent musical theme throughout the documentary, and we decided upon the theme of breath and the human voice.  This only seemed appropriate, since the focus of the documentary is people, and breath is what separates the living from the inanimate.

“So I worked with Chris, and we experimented by modifying vocal samples into ambient melody.  As the music came together, we took care to fill the score with melodic voices, trying to make the music feel like it was breathing.  We would sit in the same room with our headphones on, day after day, as I composed and Chris put the footage together.

“Overall, it was a ton of fun and I wouldn't trade the experience for anything.  It was so cool to see the God-given talent of so many artists come together to create such a great documentary.” –Nathan Fleming

Now we know Justin did a great job recreating the music with his humming, but if you want to listen to the real thing, come back and visit us—we’ll have a Spotify link available for your listening pleasure soon!

And don’t forget to pray for the unreached!

What's Going On?!

Hi Friends!

We hope the new year started out well for you all! We came back from break refreshed and ready to jump into some new projects. One new thing was getting the Go Documentary team back together again and shooting a documentary about...the documentary. We have TONS of footage and interesting stories that didn’t get told that we want to share with you, then we also wanted to walk you through some of the experiences and decisions that went into the making and creating of the documentary. Make sure and check back here at the blog for some informational, maybe even entertaining, videos.

Some more blog posts to look forward to: Justin Raby travelled safely to and from the Middle East last month and is working on a blog post about his latest endeavors across the Atlantic ocean for our reading pleasure, and then we’ll be contacting some of the guests we featured in the Go Documentary to talk a little more about what they do and their hearts for reaching the unreached.

The Branson International Film Festival is coming up in April and we are so excited to be attending and looking forward to doing some networking with other artists while we’re there. If you’re in the area and looking for something to do, come support some local artists. The screenings of the films are open to the public. A ‘cinema pass’ to see all the films is only $25. Once we find out when our documentary will be shown we’ll be sure to let you know!

We were very excited to see that Missions Catalyst highlighted and shared our documentary and our website on their site and in an email blast! How awesome! It’s fantastic to see people sharing about the unreached and trying to do something about it. To see their post click here.

All in all, it’s so exciting to see how God is using this documentary to reach people. It’s never too late to be a part of it. Share the documentary. Give if you can give. Go if you can go. Most importantly: Pray. Pray for the unreached. Pray for people to care.


Hey Everyone!

Big, BIG things happening around here that we want to share with you and celebrate!!!

First, we premiered the Go Documentary at Grace Church on September 22nd and 23rd. We were so encouraged to see people take to heart the message of the film. Sixty families signed up to translate Bible verses into a rare Nepalese dialect. That’s $4200 committed to see that people have access to a Bible in their own language! How amazing to see God work in everyone’s hearts to give so radically of their funds!

Second, I am so excited to announce that we’ve entered multiple film festivals to help spread the message of the Go Documentary. We recently got news that it was chosen as a ‘Finalist’ in the Branson International Film Festival! We will keep you updated on how things progress with other film festivals we’ve entered.

In other news, Justin Raby is heading out to Central and Southeast Asia next month to continue the Lord’s work of spreading the Gospel to the unreached. Please join us in praying for safety for Justin and his team, as well as for God to open doors and work in people’s hearts. I don’t know about you, but I can’t wait to hear all about it when he gets back! (Keep an eye out after the new year here on the blog page for a report of how things went!)

Last, we wanted to leave you with your own call to action. Whether you’re thinking about showing the documentary in your own church, or have watched it on your own and felt the Holy Spirit nudging you to do something, we want to encourage you to follow that prompting. God is moving and using ordinary people in the greatest of ways. Be a part of it: share the documentary, give if you can give, go if you can go. Most importantly: Pray.

Pray for the unreached.

Pray for people to care.