Everything Music

Who’s ready for a guest blogger?! Today we’re hearing from Nathan Fleming on the creation of the soundtrack for the documentary, and we have our first video blog on the crew’s favorite music!

Take it away, Nathan!

“The creation of the score for Go was unique, considering the limited time and budget we had to put it all together.  We knew we wanted to keep a consistent musical theme throughout the documentary, and we decided upon the theme of breath and the human voice.  This only seemed appropriate, since the focus of the documentary is people, and breath is what separates the living from the inanimate.

“So I worked with Chris, and we experimented by modifying vocal samples into ambient melody.  As the music came together, we took care to fill the score with melodic voices, trying to make the music feel like it was breathing.  We would sit in the same room with our headphones on, day after day, as I composed and Chris put the footage together.

“Overall, it was a ton of fun and I wouldn't trade the experience for anything.  It was so cool to see the God-given talent of so many artists come together to create such a great documentary.” –Nathan Fleming

Now we know Justin did a great job recreating the music with his humming, but if you want to listen to the real thing, come back and visit us—we’ll have a Spotify link available for your listening pleasure soon!

And don’t forget to pray for the unreached!