Extra Interview!

Hey Everyone!

One of the awesome things about creating a documentary is how many people you get to talk to that are experts in their fields. In Go, you got to hear Ted Draper and Mark Silver’s professional opinions about global ministries and what strategizing should look like within the church body.

One of the downsides of creating a documentary is how much good material you have that you don’t get to use because otherwise the film would be 18 hours long! (I mean, maybe I would watch an 18 hour film, but I’ll face the realism and realize that not everyone else would do that.)

One of the interviews we did, unfortunately, did not make it into the film. But, the good news is, we created a mini video of the interview so you all can see another professional’s perspective of strategy when it comes to mission work. Jay Grimwood is the International Development Director at Graceway in Kansas City, Missouri. Enjoy listening to what he has to say!